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How to fix maintain your air conditioner

Jul 23, 2023

Record-breaking temperatures are driving South Florida heat indexes up to the triple-digits this summer.

As the hot, humid weather becomes even hotter and more humid - air conditioning is more necessary than ever.

Excessive Heat Warnings, for example, were recently issued for the first summer ever in Miami-Dade County.

An Excessive Heat Warning means that temperatures can be dangerous with prolonged exposure, especially for at-risk groups like infants, pregnant women, or elderly people.

Charlie Perez, the owner of AC Boys, a Weston air conditioner maintenance and repair company, explained that it's important to maintain your A/C unit.

Even if your A/C is properly functioning, it requires check-ups and cleanings like most appliances, Perez said.

"Look everything over," he said. "Change filters every 30 days - even if the filter looks pretty good.”

A/C units require filter changes because dust and other airborne particles accumulate over time.

Allergens like pollen and dander can build up as well, and if the filter is dirty, these particles won't get filtered out, which can make your summer not only hot - but allergy-ridden.

A dirty filter could affect the quality of indoor air as well, which can affect your health.

Most importantly, though, a dirty filter means that your A/C cannot perform as well. An inefficient A/C will have a harder time beating the heat.

“Inspect your A/C, try to be proactive not reactive. Don't panic," Perez said.

Many people only check on their A/C units when they start to underperform or break completely.

However, Perez says, your appliance needs annual inspections to ensure that it's working properly.

"Make sure to get your A/C checked annually or twice a year," he said.

That being said - sometimes, an A/C unit is just not enough to compete with South Florida's record-breaking heat.

This doesn't mean that the A/C isn't functioning, Perez says. "It's just hot!"