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The new Samsung WindFree Premium Plus air conditioner has strong cooling, low noise, and highly efficient motors at RM4,549

Jun 25, 2023

Have a bunch of money to spend and eyeing a new air conditioner? Well, Samsung Malaysia has you covered with the WindFree Premium Plus 2.5HP.

With a high-power motor, the WindFree Premium Plus 2.5HP easily cools your room corner to corner quickly and easily and it can also be smart with the Good Sleep Mode by carefully controlling the ambient temperature that is good for a tight and deep sleep. All of these are on top of the optimized operation that reduces noise up to 73% thanks to the Twin Tub Muffler working behind the scenes. Power consumption is also one of its core highlights and could be especially easy for your wallet long-term if you’re the kind that ONs your air conditioner almost 24/7.

The Samsung WindFree Premium Plus 2.5HP is currently available for purchase at the price of RM4,549 which is pretty steep for an air conditioner. There are also different models with varied horsepowers of 1.0HP, 1.5HP, and 2.0HP priced at RM2,499, RM2,799, and RM3,999 respectively.