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LG Portable Air Conditioner Review 2023

Mar 27, 2024

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Summer is rough without AC.

I should know – it isn't possible to install a window AC in my bedroom and I've spent far too many nights sweating it out in the heat.

Fortunately, portable air conditioners have grown in popularity in recent years because they're easy to install and fit many window styles and sizes. I got to know much more about the best portable air conditioners and their pros and cons when I tested 12 models for our guide to the best air conditioners.

While my testing was objective, my need for a solution to our hot bedroom was personal. Ultimately, I chose our top pick, the LG LP1419IVSM, for my bedroom because of its eco-friendly dual-inverter compressor, user-friendly app, impressive cooling performance, and white noise output.

Keep in mind that a portable AC isn't for everyone, if you're debating the merits of a portable air conditioner versus a window air conditioner, a window AC is usually best for most people. However, if you have wonky windows like mine, a portable AC might be the best bet.

Unlike most AC compressor motors that just turn on and off, the LG LP1419IVSM Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner has a dual-inverter compressor with an energy-efficient motor that varies its speed to keep your room consistently cool.

Using a smart plug, I measured the average power consumption of the LG portable AC as roughly 0.67 kWh, 0.11 kWh less than the next most efficient portable unit. Based on the current average energy cost in the US (14.5 cents per kWh), that equates to a savings of about $11.50 per month if you run your AC around the clock.

The LG was also among our top performers, dropping the temp of our 550-square-foot test space by 3 degrees Fahrenheit in two hours, within a fraction of a degree of our top performer. Plus, it keeps my bedroom cool, even during the hottest, most humid Michigan nights.

I live near a hospital on a busy street, where sirens and other traffic noises are a constant nuisance. The LG air conditioner drowns out most of it with pleasant white noise, free of jarring sounds. On the high fan setting, the LG LP1419IVSM is as loud as a refrigerator, about 56 decibels from 6 feet away.

I like to use the LG ThinQ app to crank the AC an hour or so before bedtime, so I have a cool room when I get there. You can also set a schedule or choose delay on and off functions.

On nights when I'm not using the portable air conditioning, I can easily uninstall it in a minute or two. I just remove the window slider from the window and put it in the helpful slider storage slot on the back of the unit. Then, I wrap the power cord around the pegs and roll it out of the room.

The LG LP1419IVSM has the longest setup process of any portable AC I've tested. Figuring out the window slider took a good chunk of the 30-minute process. The unit didn't come with screws to hold the slider together, and I put it together incorrectly at first, covering up the hose hole. I spent another 10 minutes of the setup time connecting to the app. Fortunately, after the initial setup, uninstalling and reinstalling the AC only takes a minute or two.

The warranty only covers the LG portable air conditioner for one year, which is pretty minimal when you consider you'll only be using it during warmer months. However, I'm in my third year with the unit and haven't experienced any degradation in performance.

If your room has a window that will accommodate one, we strongly feel that the best air conditioners are window ACs, since they have a lower upfront cost and do a better job of cooling using half as much energy. Here's a more detailed rundown of why window ACs are better.

Portable air conditioners are expensive, and the LG LP1419IVSM is the priciest model in our guide. If you're looking for a more affordable option, we suggest the LG LP0621WSR, the second-most energy-efficient model we tested, suitable for cooling small rooms, and easy to install.

I also like the Midea Duo if you can find it in stock. It uses inverter technology and did a better job of cooling than the LG LP1419IVSM, but it consumed about 50% more power to do so.

Overall, though, I think the LG Dual-Inverter Smart Portable Air Conditioner is the best model available. That's why it's the top pick in oud best portable air conditioner guide.

If your window doesn't support a window AC, a portable AC unit is a strong option. The LG LP1419IVSM Smart Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner is the best, most energy-efficient model I've tested. It's pricey, but it has lower long-term energy costs than other units.

Pros: Performed well in cooling tests, can be operated and scheduled with your phone, fits a wide array of windows, Alexa and Google Home-enabled, lowest power consumption in our tests, easy to move

Cons: Longer setup than most portable ACs, minimal warranty

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